Tolera (TEC2012-31292)

PVT-variations and radiation tolerance in nanometric technologies
(Tolerancia a variaciones PVT y radiación en tecnologías nanométricas)


CMOS integrated circuits fabricated with nanoscale technologies are subject to numerous uncertainties
related with second-order effects that were previously negligible but now limit the final performance of
the circuit and the manufacturing yield. Such is the case of process variations, or variations in the
environmental operating conditions (voltage drops, hot spots, failure due to radiation). In this project we
propose circuit level techniques aimed to achieve robust designs able to tolerate PVT variations and
radiation. Specifically we propose two main objectives:
To design, simulate and manufacture PVT variations sensors that can be integrated into a
variations monitoring network on-chip. The proposal includes critical path sensors (with a double
objective, measuring both process and aging variations), static power sensors and VDD
sensors. All these sensors have to be small, easily integrated in CMOS, low power and oriented
towards the constraints imposed by PVT variations monitoring. The sensors will be integrated into
a tester circuit of medium complexity.
To study and provide mechanisms for radiation-tolerant digital circuits by designing and
implementing a basic standard cell library radiation hardened. Hardening techniques will be
implemented at the physical (layout) and digital level and applied to a reduced set of basic logic
gates and flip-flops that must be big enough to satisfy the requirements of the synthesis tools. We
will perform an in-depth study of the tradeóff etween area, performance and the degree of
radiation toleration.
Finally, we propose the design of two sensors, for aging (through critical path) and temperature,
employing the developed radiation tolerance techniques. These sensors can be integrated into future
applications for high radiation environments, where remote monitoring plays a key role.



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