Master's Thesis Proposals (2008-2009)

The LSI (Integrated Systems Laboratory) research group of the Electronic Engineering Department is offerring the following Master's Thesis Proposals:

FPGAs, systems on chip and full-custom desing

Contact: Marisa López Vallejo <>, room C230
For additional information, send an email to attaching a CV and pointing out the topics of interest.
  • Full-custom design og the basic blocks of an island type FPGA. The main goal will be the reduction of power consumption in each one of the main blocks that compose an FPGA of this type. Therefore, it will be necessary the use of several techniques for the optimization of the power consumption like selective switch off of blocks, static power reduction techniques, etc.... The final onjective will be the design of a FPGA block composed of a group of CLB and the necessary interconection elements.
    • Valuable knowledge: full-custom design .
  • Design and implementation of the basic modules of a current architecture of a commercial GPUs. The first point of this proposal is the analysis of the different stages of the graphic pipeline of current GPUs with unified shader (for example, the GPUs of the XBOX 360 ann PS3). Next point is the VHDL description of some of those stages, and then the development of a prototype of the design on a last generation FPGA (Virtex4 or Virtex5). The final goal is the low level optimization of these modules respect delay, area and powerr consumed.
    • Valuable knowledge: FPGA design with VHDL.
  • Study and implementation of different comunication structures for SoC. This proposal comprises the VHDL description and transistor level modeling (TLM) of a basic system which makes use of different buses(Wishbone, AMBA, etc....). The implementations will be characterized from differnt points of view: performance, resources needed, power consumption, etc....
    • Valuable knowledge: FPGA design with VHDL, programming skills.
  • Characterization of the power consumption of an island type FPGA (Xilinx) through experimental measures and post-place-and-route simluations with XPower. It will be necessary to develop a series of test circuits which allows the characterization of the static and dynamic power consumption of the basic elements of the FPGA.
    • Valuable knowledge: FPGA design with VHDL, use of hardware systems.
  • Development of simulators and circuit design for space applications in the Teraherzt band.
    • Valuable knowledge: programming skills.
  • Development of Software for the automatic generation of Random Number Generators with a non uniform distribution for FPGA. The main goal is the development of a software tool that automatizes the generation of VHDL code for the imlementation of Gaussian Random Generators with different distributions.
    • Valuable knowledge: FPGA design with VHDL and programming skills in C.
Additionally we will study the possibility of carry out the Master's Thesis in a different topic. Any interested student in this possibilibity will need to present a proposal in an alternative topic related to the electronic field.

Possibility of fellowships for the students with better student record.