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Publications and projects


P. Barrio, 
C. Carreras, R. Sierra, J. A. López, G. Caffarena, R. Jevtic, E. Sedano, J. A. Fernández de Blas 
        "Methods and systems for improving the execution of computational algorithms"
        Applied for: 2010 (patent pending)


        P. Barrio, T. Kenter, C. Carreras, C. Plessl and R. Sierra

        "Turning Control FLow Graphs into Function Calls: Code Generation for Heterogeneous Architectures"
        In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation

        P. Barrio and C. Carreras
        "Mesh Traversal and Sorting for Efficient Memory Usage in Scientific Codes"
        In Proceedings of the 30th IEEE International Performance, Computing and Communications Conference


        AMURA - Multielement and reconfigurable UWB systems for advanced signal applications: microelectronic design.
        UPM, University of Cantabria

        DOVRES - Design Optimization by Virtual REality
        Airbus Spain S.L., UPM, National Institute for Aerospace Techniques (INTA), Autonomous University of Madrid

Invited talks

        "Turning control flow graphs into function call graphs: transformation of partitioned codes for execution in heterogeneous architectures"
        In the First European LLVM Conference
        London, 2012