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Low Power FPGA Design

"Designing Highly Parameterized Hardware using xHDL", P. Echeverria, M. A. Sanchez, M. Lopez-Vallejo, F. Mansilla, Forum on Specification and Design Languages, FDL'08, Stuttgart Germany, Sept 2008.

"Experimental Methodology for Power Characterization of FPGAs", Ignacio Herrera-Alzu, Miguel-Angel Sánchez-Marcos, Marisa López-Vallejo and Pedro Echeverría. IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, ICECS 2008, Malta. Sept. 2008.

Automated design space exploration of FPGA-based FFT architectures based on area and power estimation, Sanchez, M.A.; Garrido, M.; Vallejo, M.L.; Lopez-Barrio, C.; IEEE International Conference on Field Programmable Technology, 2006. FPT 2006. Dec. 2006 Page(s):127 - 134.

Implementation of Signal Processing Algorithms on FPGAs

"Digital channelised receivers on FPGAs platforms", Miguel Ángel Sanchez, Mario Garrido, Marisa Lóopez-Vallejo, Jesús Grajal and Carlos Lopez-Barrio. 2005 IEEE International Radar Conference. 9-12 May 2005 Page(s):816 - 821.