Research activities

Main Research Lines

  • System-level Design Automation

    Hardware-Software Co-design, Embedded Systems Co-Synthesis, Hardware-Software Partitioning, Scheduling, System-level Specification. Reconfigurable Systems.

  • Low Power Design

    Design and study of low power digital circuits. Power consumption evaluation and estimation. Power optimization by means of hardware and software techniques.

  • VLSI Systems Design

    Specification, verification and design of digital circuits. Design methodologies. Special Architectures for Communication Applications

  • Computer Architecture

    Application Specific Instruction-Set Processors (ASIPs), Special architectures targeting low power.

Research projects

  • OPTIMA (TEC2006-00739)
  • MARCE (TIC2003-07036) Methods and architectures to reduce energy consumption in embbeded systems. Spanish Ministery of Science and Technology.
  • Integrated Action, Politecnico de Torino (II)
  • CORE (TIC2000-0583-C02)
  • Integrated Action, Politecnico de Torino (I)
  • HADA (TIC97-0928)
  • INTEGRAL (TIC93-0515-C02-01)
  • COBRA (Esprit 8135)