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  1. VLSI Memristor/RRAM SPICE Compact Model

    Public Repository:
    SPICE and Spectre model of unipolar and bipolar memristors, considering endurance and variability.

  2. Circuit Reliability Framework

    Public Repository:
    Reliability oriented framework for the characterization of CMOS/RRAM hybrid circuits.

  3. Memristor Application Framework

    Public Repository:

    Framework for the characterization and use of memristor compact models.

  4. Memristor Application Framework (Legacy)

    Downloadable for academic purposes.
    The download, execution and reproduction of this software is only allowed for academic use.

    Java 1.6 is required. No-specific OS is required.

    Includes all the needed libraries.

    SMACD_2012 version. To get the password, please, contact with

Fernando García,
Sep 19, 2012, 3:26 AM