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(Updated Sep.28, 2012) 

International Conference papers
National Conference papers
  • J.A. López, E. Sedano, L. Esteban,  S. Hernández, “High Level Issues for the Implementation of Scientific Applications in High Performance Heterogeneous Systems”, CASPER 2012 Workshop, Green Bank (West Virginia, USA), August 13-17, 2012.
  • J.A. López, E. Sedano, Digital Signal Processing Algorithms Implementation for High Performance Platforms, IEEE Region 8 SB & GOLD Congress, SBC 2012, Madrid (Spain), July 25-29, 2012.
  • J.L. Ayala, P.G. Del Valle, E. Sedano, M. Sabry, D. Atienza, “Hardware and Software Thermal-Aware Policies in Embedded Processors”, Innovative Architecture for Future Generation High-Performance Processors and Systems, International Workshop on. IWIA 2009. Kihei, (Maui, Hawaii, USA) March 16-17, 2009.
Book chapters
Technical reports